Shorty Awards

December 20, 2008 § 5 Comments

Now that I know about the Shorty Awards, I am spending a little time this morning thinking who I want to nominate in different categories, and what my criteria is.

I am finding that I like best the Twitterers that are smart (but I won’t follow you if you’re not, so I guess that goes without saying) have useful and/or entertaining content, and who don’t overuse auto-feeds. I like to see a little personality come through. Personal and practical, and any combination thereof. And for my vote, it helps if you have a sense of humor and that you occasionally interact with me (not to be too self-absorbed about it).

I might suggest to the shorty awards that they create a couple of categories:

  • Positivity
  • Writing
  • Community Building
  • Citizen Journalism (which I suppose could be lumped in w/ news, but the main stream news outlets are *very* different.)
  • Activism
  • Social Change
  • Reference and Libraries
  • Emergency Response
  • Creativity
  • Television

If these categories existed, I would nominate the following Twetters:

There are others who I think are great for these categories (and the categories the Shorty Awards have already established), too. If you want to more Twitter feeds that I think are worth following, check it out.

I might also suggest getting rid of the Personal category because it’s a little too mushy. And from what I can tell from the nominees that I checked out in that category, all of them would fit into another category.

I think the Shorty Awards are a great idea to inspire Tweeters to think about their content and how they are using Twitter. I know that it has got me thinking! I find myself nominating people using criteria that I use for my own tweets. I look forward to seeing who wins, and I look forward to finding more interesting people to follow.


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§ 5 Responses to Shorty Awards

  • Joe Schmitt says:

    OK, but you still haven’t nominated anyone for #humor yet. Or are all my Blagojevich tweets not citizen-journalist enough?

    Also, go Bears!

  • Yeah, I just discovered the shorty awards myself, I thought everyone was talking about a girl like (shawty) lol. I nominated Maddow for politics. I love your criteria, and totally think your additional categories should be added. I would nominate you in the creativity cat because no matter what I always read your tweets there are about 3 people I scroll and you would be one.

  • Sarah says:

    Thanks plumpqt/Marian! I would nominate you for Positivity!

  • You can nominate anyone in any category. Just edit the tweet so #category matches the new category you want to create. If enough people submit votes in a given category we’ll promote it to the main category list.

  • nurturegirl says:

    Thank you Sarah! I am very honored. I have some ideas on philanthropy I would love to discuss with you, I will contact you via other channels to follow up. I love what I see here! Thank you for your contribution to the dialogue.

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