Blog Day 2008 And Beyond

September 2, 2008 § Leave a comment

Yesterday was Blog Day, so as a good Internet citizen, I participated over at my personal blog, Paradoxologies. In participating in that exercise, I have been mulling over the meaning of community and what it means in the context of the Internet. I don’t know any of the bloggers that I wrote about well at all, but I obviously feel some connection to them, as they are all writers about topics that are of interest to me.  I have only met one of them in person, and I have corresponded with each of them over the months that I have been following them, and occasionally responding to their posts.

Not long ago, I read another blog post (though regrettably I don’t remember which) that called on other bloggers to commit to posting comments regularly. That post really got me thinking about how important it is to keep the momentum of this online grassroots network-building by actively participating. I continue to espousing the growth of this online public discourse, and I am committing to updating my blogs at least once a week, keeping up with the blogs I like, and regularly posting comments.

Building community through social networking tools is only going to be successful if we enocourage each other by engaging each other.


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