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August 25, 2008 § Leave a comment

Gosh, it is hard to keep up! Last year I participated in Blog Action Day. Just within the last couple of months I have learned of three other similar blog days where bloggers all over the world will promote something on the same day. Britt Bravo over at Have Fun, Do Good blogged about all of them earlier this week. So social capital bloggers everywere, mark your calendars:

  • Blog Day, August 31, 2008 – Promote five new blogs that you think are cool and rather unknown (I had better get busy!).
  • One Web Day, September 22, 2008 – Write about online participation in democracy.
  • Blog Action Day, October 15, 2008 – Blog about poverty.
  • Bloggers Unite, November 10, 2008 – Support Refugees United, a nonprofit that helps refugee families reunite and relocate.

Now spread the word!


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