Working the Network

March 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

Over my career, I have established quite a professional network. During the past two years or so, I have been able to apply online tools to stay in touch and manage my connections. This was fun a fun way to get in touch, but I always thought in the back of my mind that some day I will really need these tools for professional advancement.

Lo and behold, my department is being restructured, and today I find myself unexpectedly in search of employment. There’s no time like the present to see what LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter can do for me. So far, by day five since learning the news, the networks have mostly been useful for getting the word out and for friends and colleagues to offer encouragement and advice, for which I am exceedingly grateful.

The HR manager in my department encouraged me to get on LinkedIn and connect with people there. That is where recruitment is happening, she told me. Indeed, I have been reaching out to people there, finding professional groups to join, and searching for jobs.

Through my exploration of LinkedIn, I stumbled upon the Ning group for nonprofit professionals, the NP Forum. They are on Twitter and have a group within LinkedIn. There’s also Nonprofit Orgs, who is on Twitter, too.

Who knows? Maybe this blog will lead me to my next great opportunity. Hopefully there is a fundraising organization out there in Chicagoland that is looking for the perfect person to help build institutional memory and help track relationships with information technology. But I digress.

I hope to have a happy story here soon about social networking tools that will give courage to other job seekers out there. In the meanwhile, I take heart in hearing about other success stories.

Taking the Plunge

May 27, 2008 § 1 Comment

I have been brewing the idea for this blog for some months now, and the vision is finally becoming clear to me.

There is a burgeoning community of bloggers and nonprofit technology consultants who are creating tools to help build social change movements. Every day there are new resources on the Internet. I am most interested in the tools that leverage information as a catalyst for progress and philanthropy.

In these postings I will share my experience, opinions, and questions about emerging information technology, and what I learn from others in the nonprofit industry. I will write about movements and issues that are near and dear to me, and how my colleagues and I are using information technology to raise awareness and promote philanthropy to support those causes.

I have been researching and dabbling from the sidelines, meeting virtually and in person people whose work I admire. I’ve dipped my toes in, and now I’m taking the plunge with this blog.

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