Research References

There are numerous list of development research resources that are available these days. This is by no means comprehensive list, as I don’t see the need to duplicate what development research colleagues have done so well already at sites like Portico from the University of Virginia and Stanford University’s Development Research Online Resources. Please see Development Research Sites of Note below for a few other collections.

Here I am simply sharing my favorites and regular go-to sites. Additionally, I am saving bookmarks with a “development_research” tag at my collection at Pinboard.

If you have a suggestion or if you encounter a broken link, I welcome your feedback. Please contact me.

General Search:

A search classic.

Slashtag searching to filter your search.

Meta search engine.

According to On the Media, “the intrepid, intrusive gateway to everything…”

Historical web search.

Meta search engine.


Online directory.

Directory assistance.

Reverse phone lookup.


Public records.

Useful and entertaining. Confirm celebrity deaths here.

Business bios.

Obituaries database.

Relationship mapping – who knows who

Obituaries database.

Free public records.

Confirm dates of death.


I recommend that in lieu of a subscription service like Lexis Nexis, ProQuest or Factiva, use your local public library. Many local libraries have searchable news databases available to the public (usually only if you have an active library card). The Chicago Public Library has a wonderful list of resources.

From the Library of Congress, more than 500 digitized US Newspapers from 1836-1922. Subsite will allow you to search the newspaper directory from 1690 to the present.

Small town newspapers

An exhaustive list of news outlets


Local business journals

Chicago business news

Public company records.

Stock quotes, current and historical

Assets and wealth

Boat values and boats for sale.

Plane owners search.

Salary estimation

State-by-state, county-by-county assessors offices, for real estate valuation.

Real estate valuation.

Development Research Sites Of Note

One of the original online prospect research resources. This site is no longer updated, but there is still a goldmine of information here.

A fantastic collection of resources

Great resources and insights from my friends at Stanford.

General Reference:

Formerly Gary Price’s List of Lists, tracking industry trends

A virtual reference desk. Librarians’ Index to the Internet has merged with this site.

General reference, including an atlas, encyclopedia, thesaurus, etc…

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